Cross-functional tech guild with a passion for solving real-world problems

Our guild is a team of top-tier freelance software specialists, collaborating to design and implement complex projects. We bring together diverse skills and shared commitment, delivering reliable, efficient software solutions tailored to your needs.

Unlike traditional agencies, our guild offers a flexible, customizable approach to your project needs, optimizing cost and value. Engaging us means you gain the personal touch of freelancers coupled with the coordinated strength of a team, giving you the best of both worlds.

Feel free to connect with any member individually via their LinkedIn profile or personal website if you seek a specific skillset. Alternatively, use the contact form if your project demands the comprehensive capabilities of our entire group.

Robert Taylor

Founder + Software Architect
Robert is the owner of Humatic Labs and a full stack software engineer with over ten years experience in the industry. Having worked with a variety of clients, including both agile startups and larger companies, he has developed a broad perspective of software engineering and the processes involved. Recently, his focus has been on architecting intricate multilayer applications from scratch, leveraging the collaborative power of our guild to efficiently implement each solution.


Alexandra Spiridon
UI/UX Designer
Diana Ciurea
Front-end Developer
Alexandru Spiridon
Back-end Engineer


Have a project in mind?

Reach out directly to hello@humaticlabs.com or use the contact form.


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